Vianini Pipe, Inc. was established in 1968 on a 67 acre site in Readington Township, New Jersey. Our principal manufacturing facility at this location produces primarily Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), Box Culvert and Jacking or Microtunneling Pipe. Our plant has all-weather production capabilities with over 110,000 square feet of indoor manufacturing area. While the company's typical market area is the northeast, Vianini pipe has supplied pipe throughout the eastern United States including to Florida by rail and to Puerto Rico by ocean going barges.

When first constructed, the plant was designed to manufacture only RCP. The RCP produced by Vianini Pipe is generally used for non-pressure applications, such as culverts and gravity storm water and sanitary sewer lines. The round pipe is manufactured in accordance with ASTM C76 in diameters ranging from 12" through 78". Several joint configurations are available including slip joint (tongue and groove). "O" ring rubber gasketed joints and rubber and steel joints. The latter utilizes steel joint rings, embedded in each end of the pipe, with one end, the spigot, having a preformed groove to contain an "O" ring rubber gasket. This pipe is typically used for applications requiring low infiltration or exfiltration.

Also manufactured at the RCP facility is elliptical reinforced concrete pipe. Produced in sizes that have flow characteristic equivalent to round diameters of 18" through 78", elliptical RCP is used for the same applications as the round pipe, but in areas that require shallow trenches or little clearance with other utilities. Elliptical RCP conforms to ASTM C507.

Typically, the RCP plant produces 100,000 tons of pipe per year for projects throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Another important market that has been pioneered by Vianini Pipe's Inc. is "Microtunneling" Pipe. The process of microtunneling is to "jack" the pipe through the earth from a sending pit to a receiving pit with the use of heavy jacks and tunneling machinery. Vianini pipe has provided microtunneling pipe for projects that have been jacked under active taxiways of major metropolitan airports. The companies longest single jack has been in excess of 1500 feet. The microtunneling process is becoming more common due to the fact that the social costs are smaller and site disruption are less than the traditional "open cut" method.

The company also manufactures box culverts for use in major drainage projects throughout the northeast. It has made box culverts with spans as little as 2 1/2 feet and as large as 15 1/2 feet.

At Vianini Pipe, the products are quality certified. Various engineering standards require the most rigorous and extensive quality assurance and in-process inspection of concrete pipe products. Our experienced inspectors, supported by our on-site laboratory, have always assured compliance. Vianini Pipe RCP plant is a quality certified plant of the American Concrete Pipe Association (Q-Cast Certified).

Vianini Pipe is a member of the American Concrete Pipe Association. Its employees serve on many noteworthy committees of these associations.The company prides itself in having the ability to engineer, design and produce quality concrete products for any project.

Vianini Pipe, Inc is a Cementir Holding Group Company with operations throughout the world with concentrations in cement, aggregates, and precast products. Its direct parent company is Aalborg Portland A/S.