Reinforced Concrete Pipe
(Approved by Departments of Transportation of the States of NJ, NY and PA)

RCP off set with Gasket and Off set Without Gaskets
(ASTM C76)
Diameters 12” – 48”

Slip Joint and O Ring (RCP)
(ASTM C76)
Diameters 54” – 78”

Flared Ends
(ASTM C76)
Diameters 12” – 60”

Elliptical (RCP)
(ASTM C507)
Diameters 18” (14” x 23”) thru 78” (63” x 90”)

Reinforced Concrete Pipe with Rubber & Steel Joints
(ASTM C361/AWWA C302)
Diameter 36” and Larger

Reinforced Concrete Cylinder Pipe
(AWWA C300)
Diameters 36” and Larger

Jacking and Microtunneling Pipe
Drawing 1 | Drawing 2
(ASTM C361/AWWA C302)
Diameters 36” and Larger

Box Culverts
(ASTM C1433)
Sized according to project requirements.